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Your Online Business Fundamentals

Your Online Business Fundamentals

Par Le 04/12/2020


Software development is a multi-billion dollar industry, so it is not surprising that new tools are often released to meet the growing demand.

When it comes to online businesses, there is no exception.

Marketing tools are essential for any company, including traditional businesses looking to go online, existing digital companies or any individual Internet marketer who wants to build an income from home.

However, with so many choices out there, which one is the most suitable?

Taking a closer look at the marketing software community, no shortages of options will come up in your research.

There are tools for creating websites, building sales funnels, and developing shopping carts so payment can be processed online.

While these are essential tools, the problem that many business owners face is that those products do not seem to be the most suitable for them.

For example, traditional business owners may find that the available products are overly complicated, especially if they do not have the technical skills to run the systems.

Then, there may also be aspiring entrepreneurs who are just starting out, and the high cost of all the available tools means that they are out of their budget.

Finally, there are just too many tools that a new business owner needs, and requiring to subscribe to dozens of tools on paid monthly plans, while needing to understand and manage all the accounts, can quickly become overwhelming.

Because of all these reasons, that’s why GrooveFunnels was created.

GrooveFunnels is a suite of online business tools designed for business owners, but without the complexity and the expensive price tag.

In fact, it’s quite the opposite, because GrooveFunnels is not only easy to use, it is also free.

When members sign up for a free GrooveFunnels account, they get immediate access to a website creator, funnel builder and shopping cart software, all of which allows them to have everything they need to start selling products and services online.

This is especially helpful for those with little to no technical knowledge, because the entire suite of tools are so simple to use that even computer illiterate folks can copy and paste, drag and drop and click and scroll their way to creating professional-looking websites with sales funnels capable of taking online orders.

Not only that, but the free GrooveFunnels account can also add unlimited products, create sales funnels, build branded websites with full navigation, use custom domain names, sell products in just one click, and offer upsells, downsells and order bumps to customers.

Astonishingly, GrooveFunnels also has a powerful affiliate program built in, which means that members can easily start their own affiliate programs and have their own affiliates promote their products for them.

Such a robust software suite is typically unheard of in the software development industry, much less one that is being made available for free.

For those who are looking for the new best way to build funnels and sell digital products, and would like their own complete digital products and services online sales system for free, now is the time to get started with GrooveFunnels.


American Investor

Par Le 27/11/2020

How to run your business online in 2020 Top 10 tips


American Investor

One innovation from this sector could be “worth TEN Microsofts”

— Bill Gates

This sector will create “The world’s first trillionaire.”

— Billionaire Investor and Shark Tank Host, Mark Cuban

The “Hidden” Innovation on Boats Like This Could Make You Very Rich

See how to profit from an explosive new industry expected to surge 142,672% by 2030 and “mint more millionaires than any time in modern history.”



This ship and others like it are expected to start barreling across the Atlantic at an alarming pace.

And when these ships hit American shores, they’ll unload a revolutionary breakthrough that Forbes is calling “the next internet-sized disruption.”

The Washington Times has boldly declared that what’s on these boats will explode “progress on the scale of the industrial revolution.”



It’s about to supercharge every single area of life — from the way you shop, to how you work and even how you spend your free time.

Which is why CBS’ 60 Minutes reports that it’s “on the verge of changing everything.”



Make no mistake. The transformation will be unlike anything the world has ever seen.

Cities and towns across America will flourish.

They stand to reap the rewards of an estimated $46.9 billion a year in unexpected savings.



That’s money that’ll wipe out debt and plow right back into local economies.

Folks who take action now stand to make a fortune in the years ahead.

Thanks to what’s on these ships, businesses stand to thrive like never before.




Across the board, companies large and small could see their revenues surge up to 30%, even 50% within two to four years.



Investment accounts will soar in unison with these booming businesses.

And it won’t stop there…

The cost of living could also plummet.

According to my research, businesses could cut costs by 10%...Even as much as 30%.

If this trickles down to consumers, you may find yourself with more disposable income 

to spend on everything from golf club memberships, to vacations or adding a pool to your backyard.

And it could all happen by 2025.

When all is said and done, prestigious international consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)

says the breakthrough on these ships could easily inject the global economy with $15.7 TRILLION in new wealth by 2030.

The lion’s share of that amount going to the U.S.

Yes, that’s trillion with a “T.”

To put that into perspective…

That’s 10 times the market cap of Apple.

51 times more valuable than Exxon.

And 12 times more than the total wealth of Australia.

In fact, according to the United Nations, it’s more wealth than 90% of all countries in the world combined.

And in the wake of all this new prosperity, we could see an estimated 58 MILLION new high-paying jobs created.

Just think...

Your kids and grandkids could have opportunities greater than any American who lived during the Industrial Revolution and postwar boom.

And you’ll be able to witness every moment of it. This $15.7 TRILLION tsunami could start hitting our shores this year.

I know this all sounds impossible — that something on a CARGO SHIP about the size of a football field could trigger a massive economic revolution.

But I assure you, not only is it true, it’s absolutely mind-blowing when you see how.

Which is why, in this presentation, I’m going to give you the full story.

I’ll show you the revolutionary technology onboard these ships that are expected to set sail and dock at U.S. ports this year.

And I’ll clue you in on one progressive company behind this breakthrough, and how it could make early investors rich … really rich.

As this potential $15.7 trillion windfall floods our economy…one industry alone is set to surge an astounding 142,627% by 2030.

And by knowing the details of just one stock, you can set yourself up with the opportunity for untold wealth in the days ahead.

I’m talking about the chance to double your money in 3-4 years.

The chance to turn every $1,000 invested into $2,000.

Or the chance to turn every $10,000 into $20,000.

And while nothing in the market is guaranteed, make no mistake: The opportunity before us is enormous.

Once you see the undisputable facts and research behind the one company I believe to be leading this revolution 

you’ll see why this is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

In fact, you won’t believe how fast you have the chance to hit pay dirt.

Because once these ships dock at our shores in rapid succession, the breakthrough technology they contain could revolutionize our nation instantly.

My analysis shows everything will unfold faster than it took for the internet, smartphones and social media to become mainstream.

Just take a look at this chart to see what I mean:

As you can see, the pace of how technologies have been adopted over time is speeding up.

Each new wave of technology reaches the mass market in roughly half the time as previous breakthroughs.

The phone took over 45 years to reach the mainstream.

Electricity and cars took around 25 years.

Recent breakthroughs like the computer and internet took 20 and 10 years respectively.

And on the far right, you can see that smartphones and social media swept the nation in almost no time.

They became mainstream in less than six years.

Well, I expect the breakthrough I am going to share with you today could be a vertical line, like a rocket shot straight to the moon.

I’ll show you exactly why in a moment.

Charles Mizrahi

But first, I realize we haven’t been properly introduced.

My name is Charles Mizrahi.

You may have seen me featured in The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, The New York Times or MarketWatch.

Or perhaps you saw my TV appearances on CNBC.

But in case you haven’t, here’s a little bit of my background…

I cut my teeth on Wall Street by trading in the pits of the New York Futures Exchange, when I was just 20 years old.

How to run your business online in 2020 Top 10 tips

L'actualité du secteur pétrolier

Par Le 23/12/2013

Exxon's Papua New Guinea LNG project ahead of schedule

Exxon Mobil Corp said a $19 billion project in Papua New Guinea had started production of liquefied natural gas (LNG) ahead of schedule.Exxon said at its analyst meeting in March that the project was due to start during the middle of this year, The first cargo from the project.

El Paso to buy natural gas assets from Kinder Morgan for $2 bln

El Paso Pipeline Partners LP said it would buy natural gas assets from Kinder Morgan Inc for about $2 billion, including $1.01 billion of debt.El Paso Pipeline said as part of the deal, it would acquire a 50 percent interest in Ruby Pipeline.

Stocks gain on merger speculation, crude oil falls

Global equity markets rebounded in rocky trade on Monday after a $100 billion bid for AstraZeneca boosted speculation of further corporate deal-making, while crude oil prices fell as major producer Libya prepared to resume exports.
The Nasdaq composite index shed more than 1 percent at one point as investors dumped growth shares regardless of companies' first-quarter results.....

Brent holds above $108; Libya, U.S. inventories eyed

Brent crude held steady above $108 a barrel on Tuesday after posting its biggest daily fall in nearly a month on an imminent rise in Libyan exports, while investors shrugged off more U.S. sanctions on Russia.

U.S. crude edges higher toward $101 ahead of inventories data

U.S. crude inched closer to $101 a barrel on Tuesday, building on Monday's gains ahead of weekly inventories data as investors shrugged off more U.S. sanctions on Russia and an imminent rise in Libyan exports.

Rotterdam crude handling drops 7.3% in 2013 on poor demand

Par Le 19/12/2013

Rotterdam crude handling drops 7.3% in 2013 on poor demand

London (Platts)--19Dec2013/720 am EST/1220 GMT


The port of Rotterdam, Europe's biggest, said Thursday its handling of crude oil cargoes fell 7.3% in 2013 according to preliminary data due to

weak demand and refinery maintenance, representing a "historic low" and a reverse of 2012's upward trend.

"The refineries in the Rotterdam complex had to cope with low demand for refinery products in Europe, given a structural overcapacity. At the

same time, competition on the world market for refinery products is increasing," the port said. These were some of the reasons for holding large-

scale refinery maintenance shutdowns, it added.

Rotterdam saw a 5.6% rise in crude oil cargo handling in 2012. Overall crude throughput fell 7.3% to 91.1 million mt, with imports down 7.8% in

2013 to 90.6 million mt.

Oil products' trade "was lively for the majority of the year," the port said. Imports of oil products in Rotterdam rose 4.2% to 46.8 million mt while

exports dropped 1% to 36.4 million mt.

Other liquid bulk saw a 0.2% drop in overall throughput, with chemicals "still suffering from the crisis" and higher import duties resulting in a fall in

biofuels' imports. A positive factor was "the low price of palm oil, which encouraged stock building."

LNG throughput rose 25% year on year but "due to the high prices of products, imports from outside Europe are still low." Around 700,000 mt of

LNG was handled "thanks partly to regular imports in small vessels from Norway and re-export."

The port handled 208.5 million mt of liquid bulk in 2013, 2.6% down on the year and less than half of the overall cargo throughput.

Total throughput at the port of Rotterdam rose to 441.5 million mt, flat on 2012.

The "continuing economic slump" was cited as the main reason for the lack of growth.

"Things are exactly the reverse of last year. Where in 2012 crude oil and oil products provided growth, they have failed this year. Now, coal, ore and

scrap and agribulk in particular have increased," Hans Smits, Port of Rotterdam Authority CEO said.

"I expect little change in this next year, because the new container terminals on Maasvlakte 2 will become operational from the end of 2014," Smits



Par Le 27/11/2013

Ouverture du 1er Salon du Commerce international de Tunis

Le Salon du Commerce international de Tunis (CIT) a ouvert ses portes, mardi 26 novembre, au siège de l'UTICA, avec cependant une faible présence d'exposants présentant leurs produits à des visiteurs bien ciblés, a constaté un journaliste de l'agence TAP.

Organisé pour la première fois par la Société tunisienne de conseil en marketing et management "Business Management Group", ce salon de deux jours (26 et 27 novembre 2013) se veut, d'après ses organisateurs, une plate-forme pour promouvoir l'activité des opérateurs tunisiens et étrangers spécialisés dans le commerce international, identifier de nouvelles opportunités commerciales et développer des relations d'affaires internationales.

Il constitue également un espace d'échanges entre les professionnels du commerce extérieur et les sociétés intéressées par l'import ou l'export.

Pour les exposants, il s'agit d'une occasion pour s'approcher davantage de leurs clients et augmenter leur notoriété à l'international à travers le contact avec les spécialistes et professionnels du marketing et de la communication.

"Air France" expose, selon le chargé de la communication, un produit encore méconnu en Tunisie, baptisé BlueBiz, dédié aux PME.

"Chaque fois que le client réserve un voyage d'affaires sur Air France, son entreprise cumule des Blue crédits", a-t-il expliqué, ajoutant que "les Blue Crédits sont valorisés en monnaie locale et permettent au client d'acheter des billets pour voyager vers n'importe quelle destination du réseau international de la compagnie aérienne française".

Expose aussi à "CIT 2013" la société allemande "Meyer&Meyer", présente en Tunisie depuis 1976 en tant que prestataire international de transport et de services pour le secteur du textile et de la mode, ainsi que pour l'automobile, l'électronique et les biens de consommation. La société dispose de ses propres installations liées directement par ferry (voie maritime) au port de Radès.

La directrice commerciale de "Meyer&Meyer", Jannette Khannoussi, a affirmé que son entreprise leader du secteur logistique en Tunisie, avec près de 160 remorques transportées par semaine pour l'import et l'export à travers le port de Radès, garantit des temps de transports courts vers et depuis l'Europe.

"Notre objectif principal est d'intensifier nos actions à travers la Tunisie pour le compte des pays européens", a-t-elle conclu.

Tunis : Les exportations d’huile d’olive

Tunis : Les exportations d’huile d’olive

Par Le 26/08/2013

25-08-2013 : Tunis : Les exportations d’huile d’olive augmentent de 3.7% 


La Tunisie est le quatrième exportateur mondial d’huile d’olive, le premier en dehors de l’UE. Pour le pays, la ressource est incontournable : elle représente la moitié de ses exportations agricoles et occupe plus de 300.000 exploitants.

Selon les derniers chiffres communiqués par l’Institut national des Statistiques (INS), les exportations tunisiennes en volume (prix constants) ont augmenté de 3.7%, durant les 7 premiers mois de l’année 2013. Les importations, elles, ont baissé de 0.4%.

Cette évolution résulte d’une augmentation enregistrée au niveau des prix à l’export de 2,6% et à l’import de 5,6%. En valeurs courantes, les échanges ont atteint, au cours de cette période, 16 571,4 MD en exportations et 23 077,3 MD en importations, enregistrant respectivement une hausse de 6,4% et de 5,2% par rapport à la même période de l’année 2012.” précise l’INS.


Appel d’offres prochainement lancé pour l’huile d’olive conditionnée

Un appel d’offres va être lancé prochainement pour la promotion de l’huile d’olive conditionnée, l’objectif étant de prospecter les marchés clients (américain, chinois, arabe et russe) dans le but de consolider les parts de marché de ce produit dans ces pays.

1,5MD, c’est est le coût des études qui vont être menés afin d’étudier ces marchés et lancer des actions promotionnelles.

Il convient de signaler que la Tunisie dispose actuellement d’une capacité de stockage d’huile d’olive de l’ordre de 350 mille tonnes dont 45% sont détenus par l’ONH (centres régionaux de Tunis, Sfax, Sousse, Sidi Bouzid, Kairouan et Zarzis). Le reste est détenu par les oléifacteurs et les privés.

Les cinq produits phares de l'agriculture tunisienne

Les cinq produits phares de l'agriculture tunisienne

Par Le 21/08/2013


La datte Deglet Nour

La Tunisie est le premier exportateur mondial de dattes.

La variété de dattes Deglet Nour ou "Doigts de la lumière" est très appréciée pour sa qualité supérieure et son goût mielleux unique.

C'est la seule variété qui peut être commercialisée à l’état naturel sous formes de branchettes.


La Maltaise

La Tunisie est l’unique producteur et exportateur mondial de la maltaise demi-sanguine, ou "reine des oranges".

Réputée pour ses qualités gustatives exceptionnelles, cette orange est produite principalement dans la presqu’île du Cap Bon.


L'huile d'olive

La Tunisie exporte environ 70% de sa production annuelle, ce qui lui confère le rang de 4ème exportateur mondial.


Le poulpe

Afin de préserver son stock en Tunisie, une règlementation interdit la pêche au poulpe

du 15 mai au 14 octobre de chaque année et limite le poids unitaire du poulpe pêché à 1kg,

ce qui correspond au poids moyen auquel le poulpe atteint sa maturité sexuelle.


La pomme de terre

En Tunisie, la pomme de terre est cultivée selon trois saisons de cultures (de saison, d'arrière-saison et de primeur).

Elle est considérée comme une des principales cultures légumières des points de vue superficie et production.



La Tunisie au salon international de l'agroalimentaire

La Tunisie au salon international de l'agroalimentaire

Par Le 13/05/2013

La Tunisie au salon international de l'agroalimentaire "SIAL China"


Le Centre de Promotion des Exportations organise actuellement la 6ème participation consécutive de la Tunisie au Salon International de l’Agroalimentaire  « Sial China » qui se tient à Shanghai du 07 au 09 Mai 2013 au Centre des Expositions de Shanghai.

Le Pavillon de la Tunisie occupant un espace de 126 m², ouvert sur les quatre côtés, regroupe 12 entreprises tunisiennes qui opèrent dans le Secteur des Industries Agroalimentaires. Une large gamme de produits y a été exposée, à savoir : L’huile d’olive essentiellement, les dattes, les conserves alimentaires, les olives de table et les pâtes alimentaires.

Par ailleurs, deux entreprises tunisiennes l’une spécialisée dans l’huile d’olive et l’autre dans les vins, participent à titre individuel à cette manifestation. Le Centre Technique de l’Emballage et du Conditionnement « PACKTEC », exposant au sein du Pavillon National, assure tout au long de la manifestation des séances de Cooking Show  et de dégustation des produits tunisiens.

La délégation officielle, qui a assuré l’inauguration du salon et composé de 10 ministres et de 4 Ambassadeurs, a choisi de rendre visite au Pavillon de la Tunisie lors de son parcours. Cette délégation a été reçue sur le Pavillon de la Tunisie par Son Excellence Monsieur l’Ambassadeur de la Tunisie à Pékin. Ce dernier a également assuré des rencontres personnalisées avec tous les exposants tunisiens.

D’un autre côté, il est à noter que le Packtec organisera le 08 Mai 2013 une cérémonie sur l’huile d’olive tunisienne dans un hôtel à Shanghai en présence de plusieurs importateurs et distributeurs Chinois.

Le salon « Sial China » est considéré comme le principal salon professionnel dédié aux industries alimentaires et aux boissons en Asie. C’est un salon annuel qui occupe 7 halls d’exposition sur une superficie totale d’exposition de 86.000 m². Cette 14ème édition du salon regroupe 2.200 exposants en provenance de 90 pays et drainera près de 46.000 visiteurs professionnels.