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Federal regulators say they will allow pot companies to have access to credit unions without penalty.

Until now, a pot company could not run its finances through anything other than cash.

This has been a major problem for pot companies — even in states where it’s legal.

For starters, it means they have to pay for everything in cash…

It forced one pot company’s CEO to cart $3 million in cash down to the IRS, just to pay his tax bill.

The second major problem of having to operate in cash makes them a prime target for criminals...

Without access to banks, one in every two marijuana dispensaries gets robbed or burglarized.

But by granting pot companies the right to access traditional banking without fear of penalty, it signals that Federal legalization could happen as soon as this year.

In fact, House Rules Committee Chairman James McGovern (D-MA) recently said he expects the chamber to vote on full legalization within a matter of “weeks.”

And with 98% of Americans living in a state where pot is already legal in some form, the time to act is now … TODAY.

Investment expert Matt Badiali says people who act today could collect life-changing profits.

“Gains of 1,000%, 2,000%, even 3,000% have already been made. But this is just the beginning.”

It’s an industry already generating $55 billion, and it’s not even legal nationwide.

Don’t miss out on the single largest cash-grab of the century.

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