The 20 largest holders of gold in the world

World gold reserves top 20 holders


The U.S. Federal bank, the Fed has the largest official gold reserves in the world with 8,133.5 tonnes of the precious metal . In second place , the gold stocks in Germany are three times smaller ( 3387.1 tonnes). The Bundesbank has also announced in January 2013 its intention to repatriate its 2020 gold stored in Paris and New York , or 674 tons. The IMF (International Monetary Fund ) holds 2,814 tons of gold. The global institution exceeds pretty much the Italian reserves ( 2,451.8 tonnes) and French ( 2435.4 tonnes).
Note the 6th position of China , yet leading producer and importer of gold in the world . But the country does not publish figures on the inventory status or on purchases of gold on the market. The only way to keep its reserves is to trace his transactions on the Hong Kong , which serves as the main market place for gold Chinese purchases. According to estimates from several experts , China is the second largest holders of gold in the world. The presence in the vaults of the central bank of China, several thousand tons of gold should help build confidence qu'auront investors around the world in the yuan , which Beijing wants to impose as a reserve currency in the same as the dollar.
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